Sep 27 2007

Tape Refill Share anyone?

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** NEWEST UPDATE** Comments have been disabled and the share is CLOSED! Thank you so much for all of you who joined!! To MY knowledge I have emailed everyone that ordered. If you ordered and did NOT receive an email…PLEASE email me ASAP! :) We had a great response with a total of 3396 refills!!! OMGOSH!!! lol. WAIT that’s not including how many I will be ordering! lol. If you have not paid yet, please do so. If you are sending a check, please let me know! Thank you so much!!

 **ETA** We are at the lowest discount price of $1.80!! WAHOO!! Thanks for everyone who’s joined this with me! I am holding this share open until Tuesday, Oct. 2nd. There’s still plenty of room for anyone still interested! Thanks!

Hello! Hope your all having a great day! I was just thinking that I am in need of some Tombo permanent mono adhesive refills and would love to do a share! I found a site that has free shipping over $50 (wahoo) and the price starts at $2.30 for 6 (LOL I will buy twice that many myself) and the cheapest is $1.80 for 1152. SO, please let me know if you are interested and if so how many you’d like and I’ll start a list! Make sure to tell anyone you think may be interested so we can get the cheapest price! :)


Once we have all the total’s and know the price, I will need to have all the money sent before I place the order. I will accept Paypal, Money Orders and Checks. As soon as all the money is collected I will place the order! (I have to do it this way to insure that I don’t get stuck with hundreds of refills…I don’t need THAT many! lol! :) )  Also, I will ship the cheapest way possible, but everyone will have to pay their own shipping costs! Thanks so much! :)



ETA! :) If you buy 1 or 100, that is 1 or 100 single refills,  not sets. :) Also yes, I will ship other stuff with the tape! Thanks! :)

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139 Responses to “Tape Refill Share anyone?”

  1. Sandra Poarch says:

    Count on me for about 8.

  2. Me, me, me! Do you know how much these suckers are in Canada!?! Sign me up for 10! :)

  3. Suzy says:

    Sign me up for 6 please. Can you ship it with other goodies I order from you please 😀

  4. Amy says:

    I’ll take 6 (is that 6 total, or 6 sets of 6?). Just want to make sure:)!

  5. Dale Burdick says:

    Hi There:

    I have been looking forever for a good price….we use to order it from Viking, that went to Office depot, and now I dont know. I need to order quite a bit…I have five folks that like to stock up….so I need to order 144 individual refills. Please advise when you know the price and I will paypay you the monies. Thanks

    Dale Burdick
    Fairfield, Ca.

  6. I go through this stuff like MAD! Put me down for 10.

  7. janice says:

    i would like to be put down for 18 refills. thanks!

  8. Christine Hauck says:

    Good morning Lindsey,
    I would love to get some too. Let’s see…..I would probably do at least 30. Let me know when you’ve uncovered all the details. Thanks, Chris

  9. Emily says:

    Wow! What a good idea! I love to have extras on hand, and like everyone else, I go through it like water. I’ll take 15. I’ll do the paypal thing when it’s all totaled up. Thanks a million!! Emily Mohr

  10. Pinky Roth says:

    Lindsey, I will take 12 tape refills. Thanks for doing this…


  11. Anne Marie says:

    Just to clarify, you mean that the refills are $2.80/each for an order of 6 or more … and the price drops to $1.80/ea if you meet a minimum order of 1,152 units? If that’s the case then put me down for 25, but if you reach the 1,152 minimum for the lower price, then you can up my count to 30. Thanks, Lindsey!

  12. Jana says:

    Oooo, I want 10! Thanks Honey!!!

  13. Joyce Burcham says:

    I want 12. Thanks, Joyce B.

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  15. Christy says:

    Hey I’d like 12 rolls. Thanks so much!

  16. Harriet Skelly says:

    I would like 30 refills. Thanks so much!

  17. Diana says:

    Put me down for 20

  18. Please order me 10, I use a lot of this stuff.

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  20. Carolyn King (SCS Cammie) says:

    Yipeee!!! I was just gonna place an order and I can get it much cheaper going with a share.
    Count me in for 30 too!!!

  21. Deborah (beadn&stampn) says:

    Yahoo!! Count me in for 20!

  22. erika says:

    i’ll take 18!!!

  23. I’ll take 20. Thanks for the share!

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  25. Marcia McCune says:

    I’ll take 30 refills.

  26. Gay Ferland says:

    Email me if you reach the $1.80 please.

  27. Kaylene says:

    I would buy 12.

  28. Kaylene says:

    I mean I will purchase 12.

  29. Jenn D says:

    My mom, sister and I want 24 each. So if you send me an invoice for 72, I’ll pay for all of us.

    Jenn D

  30. If the share only goes to $1.80 I will take 30…Can you email me if it goes to this price and I will paypal you the money immediately.

  31. Tammy Nichols says:

    I will take 24! Is that 2.30 for six refills! Am I understanding that right? If so, I will definitely take 24! Thanks so much.!

    Tammy Nichols

  32. Mary says:

    Yes, I will take 12—but please let me know if you get to the lower price mark or need a push to get there. Thanks!

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  34. Yes put me down for 6. Thanks

  35. Jan Farring says:

    Wonderful!! I use these up SO fast. Please put me down for 40

    Jan in PB

  36. Amy B says:

    I am interested in 12, if the price goes down, I will order more, please let me know if you get the next price break! Thank you!

  37. Michelle says:

    I am interested in 12 if you get the $1.80 price. I also have a few friends who may be interested. I will let you know as soon as I can get ahold of them. We would probably like to have them sent together so I will let you know as soon as I speak to them. Thanks!

    PS. This is a big job, I appreciate it but I hope you know what you are in for. I did this once with chinese take out boxes and it got out of control! LOL I still have about 200 of them left. UGH!

  38. Lynne Bunn says:

    I would like to order 4 dozen (48) please! When you know the total, let me know! Thanks for making this available!

  39. Shawn O'Connell says:

    Hey Lindsey! I’d like 20 refills, please. Thanx for doing this … what an organizational nightmare! You’re awesome for taking this on!!!

  40. Joan Schmaltz says:

    I will do 15 please. You are a sport for doing this.

  41. Donna McInnis says:

    I’ll take six!!! Thanks for doing this!

  42. Sheri R says:

    Oh, thank you for doing this! I am in need of refills!
    I would take 24 of them.
    Let me know when and where to send payment.
    Thanks again!

  43. Beth says:

    I would like 20 please. Thanks for taking this on.

  44. Karen (aka: Anna Karen) says:

    Thanks for making this offer to all of us. Please put me down for 30.

  45. Rosemary Smith says:

    That’s terrific! Please put me down for 25 refills please!

  46. eileen m says:

    Please put me down for 20. Thanks. If you need more orders to break to the better price, let me know.

  47. Sylvia says:

    Woo hooo … I’ll purchase 15 – great idea! :o)

  48. Angel W. says:

    Please put me down for 20. I may have a friend ordering with me as well. And I have one thing I would like from your store….I’ll find that product # when it’s time to pay.

  49. Lori Craig says:

    Hey Lindsey ~ Put me down for 12 sweetie ~ thank you!

  50. Trish Y. says:

    I’d like to buy 30 refills please!

  51. Kathleen says:

    I am in also. Put me down for 24 right now.

  52. Lisa Beeman says:

    YES!! Put me down for 12 refills…..I go through this stuff like crazy!

  53. I would like to order 10. Thanks so much!

  54. Rose says:

    I would take 25 if you hit the 1152 mark. Thanks so much for doing this. Great price- the cheapest I can find it in Canada is 3.80.

  55. Bonnie Brill says:

    I’ll take 100 to start – will order more later.

    Thanks – Bonnie Brill

  56. Katie B. says:

    I would like 80 refills, but I need them by October 22, is that possible?
    If so count me in
    Thanks for doing this

  57. Tami Grandi says:

    I would like 10- please contact me at with final total and mailing address. I’ll be mailing a check and want to get it out asap so it gets to you so you can place the order. Thanks so much!

  58. kivonne says:

    Hi, I saw your refill plea from Follow your bliss. I would love to order 24. I live in Seattle. You email me and let me know what I owe you. Paypal is great for me! Thank you! kt
    (thank you for doing this!)

  59. Tanya Burns says:

    I want 24 please Paypal is fine for me.
    Tanya Burns

  60. stampnthyme says:

    If I’m not too late, I would like to jump in on this deal…I’ll take 30 refills. I’ll pay you via Pay Pal, once the total is established. Thanks so much! Barb g (

  61. Beth says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. I would like to purchase 12 refills. I’ll be happy to pay with PayPal when you find out the total. Thanks again!

  62. Kathy McDonald says:

    I would love to order 36, please. Thank you very much!

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  64. Mary Ransier says:

    Wow, this is an awesome price!! I’ve love 40 please, and paypal works great for me. Let me know when you need more information from me.

    Mary in Oregon

  65. joslyn says:

    oh ya count me in! i will take 20.

  66. Leslie Nebeker says:

    Please include me for 12 boxes 6 for a total of 72 individual refills. Thank so much for doing this. I’ve ordered from the same place before and this is saving me $.50 each. What a bargain. I will gladly paypal you for my total and shipping (please add a little extra for your “handling” expenses)!

    Can’t wait!

  67. Karen Gullett says:

    I would like to order 25 refills. Let me know when and how much payment is…god bless..Karen.

  68. I would like 25 refills. Please let me know when and how much. I can pay via pay pal…god bless..Karen.

  69. Patti Higdon says:

    I would like 30, I can pay with paypal. Just let me know the total & anything else I need to do. Thanks

  70. […] (Don’t forget…if you’re interested, Lindsey’s mono adhesive share is down to $1.80 per refill!  I think there are only a couple days left to get in on the deal.  Details on this post.) […]

  71. Karrie Baker says:

    Please count me in for 60. Thanks so much for offering this!! :)

  72. Heather says:

    I will take 15 – Heather

  73. Rachel V. says:

    Count me in for 12.

  74. Pam Wilson says:

    Lindsey, I would love to order 20 of the refills. If you would email me the total $ amount, I can pay immediately through paypal. Thanks so very much for the offer!!

  75. Anne McClure says:

    I”ll take 24 refills @ $1.80. Thanks

  76. vikki hoppes says:

    Hi, this is great!!! We are at 1.80 right??? If so i will take 30!!!!!
    thank you

  77. Colleen says:

    I’ll take 30. Thanks! I assume that you will post payment instructions…

  78. Jill S. says:

    Please put me down for 30 refills. I’m also going to need the dispenser. Do you carry that? Please let me know.
    Thanks much,
    Jill S.

  79. Patti says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome price find with us! I would like to order 12 individual refills please.

  80. Whitney says:

    I would like to have 12. Thanks so much!

  81. Sonja Cooksey says:

    i will take six refills..Please email me the you via Paypal..Thanks so much!

  82. Aura Flora says:

    Wow! Great price! I would like 10 if possible. Thanks.

  83. Jackie W. says:

    I will take 30, please – thanks!

  84. Heather Leech says:

    Wow! Can you please put me down for 30? I’ll do paypal once I’m sure of the details. Thanks so much!!!
    Heather L.

  85. Tracey Thompson says:

    I would like to have 25 refills, please! Thanks

  86. Teresa says:

    This is a great share! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Please put me down for 12. Thank you .

  87. Tammi says:

    i would like 12- thank you

  88. Katie says:

    Please sign me up! I would like 20, please!

  89. Rebeca Violett says:

    I want 6 refills.

    Thank you,
    Rebeca Violett

  90. Tammy Miller says:

    I would like 20

  91. Brenda Campbell says:

    Hi, I’ll take 20 please. Thanks so much for doing this. What an awesome price!

  92. Brenda Campbell says:

    Brenda here again…gave it some more thought….would you make my order 40 instead please?

  93. Virginia says:

    Sign me up for 10. I’ll be paying with PayPal. Thanks for doing this!!

  94. Darce says:

    I will take 10!! What a bargain! Let me know when to pay! :)

  95. Stephanie says:

    I would like 30 if you still have them available. I will be paying via paypal, so when you have a total, please let me know.

    Thanks for putting this together.


  96. Whitney says:

    I would like to change my reply from12 to 24 if that is ok! Thanks! Whitney

  97. Lastel/STAMPINSTEL says:

    I will take 10 and can pay by check . Thanks !

  98. Hey, Lindsey! I’ll take 20 — I go through that stuff like crazy!!! Thanks for doing this!

  99. Ann Kantola says:

    I would like 10 refills.

  100. Lorri Feidt says:

    I will take 24! I will be using Paypal. Thank you so much!

  101. Dawn George says:

    I will take 15 and can do paypal, thanks so much, dawn george

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  103. I’ll take 10! I have Paypal. Thanks so much!

  104. nisha says:

    Please count me in for 2 packs of 6 refills (total of 12 rolls). I’ll be paying via paypal (I hope you can ship to Canada!) Thank you! 😉

  105. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for having this share!!!! I would like 20 and will pay for them by check, so please email me.

  106. […] If you haven’t ordered your MonoAdhesive refills from Lindsey, you’ll want to do that today. The price is down to  $1.80 each! Check it out HERE. […]

  107. Brenda Cordell says:

    I will take 12 and be paying thru paypal. Thanks!

  108. Desi Wilson says:

    I will take 10 refills.

  109. Janet Streeter says:


    I want 10 refills. I don’t have paypal so I will need your address to send my payment.



  110. Judi Farr says:

    Hi Lindsay! Thanks so much for doing this, I’d like to order 12. Judi

  111. Carolyn King (SCS Cammie) says:

    Hi Lindsey–

    Count me in for another 20—that is 50 total!! Great deal…I can pay with paypal whenever you are set!


  112. Chong says:

    Oops. I meant 2 of the 6-pack. Sorry about that.

  113. Charlotte Gunderson says:


    Count me in. I want 60. Paypal is okay with me. Send me a paypal bill to

    Thanks for doing this, it’s a great price.


  114. Sharon Walker says:

    I would like to order 12 refills please. I can paypal you payment–let me know the total.
    Thanks for doing this!

  115. juanita says:

    Hi Lindsey,
    Thanks for sharing. I’ll take 25 and send paypal when you send an invoice! Trudee let me in on such a great deal. . . . isn’t she just the best!!!!!!

  116. Kate Hart-Sampson says:

    I’ll take 20 refills, Lindsey. Thanks for the share.

  117. Diana says:


    Thank you for passing this great deal on to others. You’re so nice to share! I will would like 20 refills. I will pay through paypal. Let me know the total.


  118. Wendy Banker says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    I would like to order 20 refills. I can do Paypal. Thanks so much!


  119. Barb Belanger says:

    I would like 10 please and I can do pay pal for payment. Thank you!

  120. Amy says:

    Thanks for organizing this. I would like 24 refills. I’ll pay through PayPal.

  121. Angel says:

    I would like to get 10! Please email the totals to me.


  122. Crystal B says:

    I would like 8. Thanks so much! I can pay via Paypal.

  123. Lindsey
    Count me in for 10 refills. I can pay you thru Paypal. Barb

  124. Robin says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    I would like 12, please. I can pay via Paypal. Thanks a bunch, Robin

  125. Lorri Feidt says:

    I would like to change my original order from 24 to 124. I asked around and a few friends were more than excited to join in. Please send me a total and I will get money to you asap.

  126. Laura W says:

    Hey Linds! If it’s not too late, I think I’ll join in. :) Put me down for 15. (and just let me know if I did miss the deadline 😉 lol) Thanks!

    Laura W

  127. Pat Roberts says:

    Hi Lindsey,
    I would love to get in on the tape refill share. Please put me down for 30 refills. I can pay with PAYPAL or a check. Just let me know how much. I would like to get them by October 24. I am having classes October 25, 26 and 27. Thank you for doing this.

  128. Ann C. says:

    Hi Lindsey,
    I would like to buy 10 refills. I would like to send you a check. Could you please email the amount I owe you and your address?
    Thanks for doing this!
    Ann C.

  129. Is it too late? I would like 20. I can do PayPal with a credit card or I’ll send a money order. Thanks! I am on my last 2 refills!

  130. Toni says:

    Guess I better get in on this, Lindsey! I’d like 24 and can pay via PayPal. Bill me, girl!!!

  131. Irene Britz says:

    Hi, My friend Mary Brown told me about your great offer and I would love to order 24 of the Tombo permanent refills. Could you please contact me so I can place an order with you. Thanks much!

  132. Sally M says:

    I would like 20 refills. I will pay with PayPal. Thanks!

  133. Susie K says:

    Thank you for organizing this Lindsey – I’d like 20 refills please.

  134. I’ll take a dozen please. And Thank You…what a big job for you. I’ll do paypal.

  135. Sheila Keyman says:

    I’ll take a dozen too! Thanks. I’ll do Paypal.

  136. Debby Neyens says:

    I would like 10 please. Let me know when you need the money. Thanks!! Awesome price

  137. Cindee Stacey says:

    Hi Lindsey!I’d like to get in on this if it’s not too late!! I’d like 20 please! Will you send an invoice to our e-mail addy or how exactly is this going to work. I’d like to order a few things from your store too!

  138. Dianne Hart says:

    Hi, I would like 10 refills please. Let me know exactly what I owe you .. I can send you a check first thing tomorrow morning with your address…I don’t have paypal….
    Dianne Hart
    110 Chad Lane
    Madison Al 35758
    Or…if you have a way to take my credit card…I can pay you that way.

  139. Ferah says:

    Hi! Is it too late? If not, I would love to get 10, please. I’ve also sent you an email. Thanks so much!

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