Jul 10 2008

Lizze Anne Blog Candy BASH!!

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     Hello!! Hope you are all having an awesome day so far!  blogcandy.jpg Lizzie Anne Designs is having a huge celebration to celebrate their 2 yr. anniversary! Right now they are having a blog candy bash! Click HERE for more a schedule of events!

Jeanne and I are BOTH having blog candy today! Soooo, who wants it? 🙂 All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite thing about Summer! Mine are the evenings when it’s cooled off a little bit, I  love just sitting out on my porch! 🙂 The winner will receive a suprise treat directly from Lizzie Anne Designs! WAHOO!! 🙂 You have Saturday, July 12th to enter! I’ll announce the winner on Sunday!

Here is a Lizzie card I made yesterday using my favorite In the Meadow stamp set! I also used my new Garden Chair  paper from October Afternoon!



Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by! Have a fun day!! 🙂

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185 Responses to “Lizze Anne Blog Candy BASH!!”

  1. Victoria Smithson says:

    Eating dinner outdoors.

    Awesome card there. Totally drooling over it.

  2. Jayne says:

    Beautiful card!

    I enjoy relaxing after dinner outside with my husband, sitting on our deck — and watermelon, too!

  3. Kimmie says:

    My favourite thing about summer??? Hmmmm……..I’d have to go with eating out on the deck under the umbrella. It’s just so peaceful and relaxing. Beauty of a card by the way!!!

  4. Janet B says:

    Mine is sitting on the swing outside, in the shade, with a big class of iced tea and a good book! There’s nothing better—well, except for doing all that right beside the ocean…I’m dying to see the ocean again. I sure miss it.

  5. Anna says:

    Relaxing at my daughter’s house after a swim with my 2 granddaughters in her pool.
    Love the card you made.

  6. Pat S. says:

    Hi Lindsey!
    WOW! I just love that card! What a pretty sentiment.
    My favorite thing about summer is WARM!
    I am so cold natured…I love when I can finally sit outside without a sweater 🙂


  7. StampinCathy says:

    Your card is beautiful and feels so peaceful. I’m with you, sitting on the porch and enjoying the nice weather and breeze. Thanks for a chance.

  8. Michelle says:

    My favorite for sure is working in my garden. Well maybe – eating what’s grown in my garden but it’s all the same! Thanks for the chance…

  9. Linda w says:

    Beautiful card. My favorite thing about summer is having my windows open and just smelling the mostly wonderful summer scents. Thanks for a chance to win.

  10. Erika M says:

    Love the card – laying in the hammock and reading a good book.


  12. Isabel Z says:

    My favorite summer activity is hanging out with my kids at the pool and eating homemade ice cream in the evenings. Does it get any better than that? Beautiful card. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  13. Anita says:

    Awesome card, love the dp! I like the overwhelming supply of fresh fruit and veggies straight out of gardens for summer. I don’t play in the dirt, but most of my family does, so there’s plenty to go around!

  14. Cheryl Sims says:

    My favorite thing about summer is definitely camping and getting up early to walk the dogs around the quiet campground enjoying the sound of the birds waking up. It just doesn’t get any better than that.
    Cheryl sims

  15. Terri S says:

    Lovely Card…love the color combo aqua/black.
    My favorite thing about Summer….. sitting on my porch in the evenings watching the fireflies dancing in the dark. Brings me right back to my childhood (anyone have a jar lol)

  16. Kim Ross says:

    I’m not a fan of the summer heat, but I DO like fresh veggies from the farmers market and appropriately wearing sandals! (I wear sandals in the snow, I think I’ve mentioned to you… so it’s nice in the summer that I don’t get those funny looks. hehe!)

  17. Kathy W says:

    My favorite thing about summer is all the fresh produce. I love those sweet strawberries and garden tomatoes and basil. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Pam C. says:

    On Friday nights, our now grown kids come to our house for supper. After supper is over and we have cleaned up, we like to take a walk around the neighborhood. It helps the grandkids burn off some energy and helps us burn off supper calories! The best part is just being together as a family.

  19. Mary A says:

    BEAUTIFUL card!

    Definitely the longer days… And all the noise of kids playing outside (and the lawnmowers, and the BBQ grills), etc. etc.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  20. qcbetty (QC) says:

    Well, my first thing would be SUNSHINE….but we don’t get a lot of that here! *wink*

    So my favorite part of summer would be the LONG days we have (approximately 20 hours of daylight), and the fact that my BBQ gets some serious LOVE! *wink*, and the ability to spend time AFTER work in my yard!

  21. bronih says:

    My, oh my, Lindsey! What a beautiful card! And I really, really love that OA paper!!! My favorite thing about summer is being able to be outside in and around the water, whether it’s the ocean, the pool, or the river – I love it!

  22. Cindy Vernon says:

    Great card! I love BBQ and swimming. I also love that the days are so long, I feel like I have lots of time!

  23. Lynn says:

    My favorite thing about summer is being able to spend time with my son,since we are both out of school.

  24. Cookie says:

    I love spending a few nights over at the beach during the summer and waiting for the sun to go down a bit and walking on the beach with the breeze blowing…

  25. Jennifer E. says:

    My favorite thing about summer is the heat. We can have some harsh winters here in Michigan and I hate being cold. My ideal temp is about 75 degrees–not too hot, not too cold!

  26. sharon tull says:

    Spending time with my daughter and going to the beach.We live only 15 minutes from the beach

  27. Sandra says:

    my favorite thing about summer is not having to make school lunches everyday!

    Love your site by the way – I am also checking out your store ….



  28. linda patti says:

    my favorite thing about summer is relaxing out in our new screened in porch with a good book and a tall cold glass of lemonade (or iced tea!)

  29. Mandy says:

    My favorite thing about summer is being able to lay outside in the sunshine, soaking up the rays and flipping through my favorite stamping book/mag. – Mandy

  30. Jingle says:

    Beautiful card!!! My favorite thing about summer is the heat! I love hot, sunny days! The sun is my friend! LOL!

  31. Val S says:

    My favourite thing about summer is the warm weather…swimming…fresh fruits and vacation time. It’s the best!!!!

  32. Hadar says:

    I can’t think about anything specific right now but it’s just the feeling of being free & alive!
    Don’t get me wrong, I also love winter time (very much!) and try to have fun all year long! But there’s something about the summer that makes me feel joy!

  33. jules p says:

    That’s a tough one…but for me the best thing about Summer, the days seem a lot less hectic. I am busy-goofing my girls. But we have time to enjoy it. (you know what I mean)

  34. Amy says:

    I love the flowers of summer! And I love your card today….it’s GORGEOUS!


  35. I like summer bar-b-qs and spending time with family

  36. Laura W says:

    This summer I LOVE air conditioning, since I’m 8 months pregnant!! 🙂 But really, I also enjoy the cooler evenings and being outside with my family.

  37. Where we live, it stays light until fairly late in the evening during the summer- as late as 11pm! I love the loooong days of summer!

  38. Simone P. says:

    My favorite thing about Summer would be swimming outside in the pool. And eating fresh silver queen corn on the cob…mmm!

  39. Sue D says:

    My favorite thing in the summer is gardening when it cools down in the evening and of course eating the first ripe tomato and ear of corn.

  40. AJ says:

    My favorite thing about summer….the freedom to go and do whatever. I love to just pack up and head out!! No time constraints of school to follow!

  41. Giovana says:

    My favorite thing about summer is playing outside with my DD. We love that. I love gardening too!!

    Thanks for the chance to win
    God bless

  42. Sammie says:

    My favorite thing about summer is just all that the warm weather allows; taking my son outside to play, gardening, and going to the lake on the weekends.

  43. bunny says:

    Gorgeous card!! My fave thing would be eating BBQ and swimming!! Drinking mint lemonade and having watermelon all day!! Yummy!!

  44. Alexis Hilgert says:

    My favorite thing about summer is that the Bay gets nice and warm. I just love splashing around in the ocean and having it be nice and relaxing.

  45. Lois says:

    Summer means no school woohoo! My favorite part is more time to play with my grandchildren.

  46. Sally says:

    My favorite thing is having no schedule, no work since I work in an Elem. school, and spending time with my teenage boys who are growing up too fast! Thanks for sharing!

  47. Lyn says:

    My favorite thing about summer is having time with my family that is leisurely and relaxed!

  48. Karen O says:

    My fav thing is probably getting to take the kiddos to the pool and the really long days

  49. Sarah B says:

    Two words- the beach. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach, especially the sand and water. Its perfect for a whole day laying in the sun and at night time to watch the sunset or have a bonfire. Everything about it is wonderful!

  50. Charlene H. says:

    My favorite thing about the summer is the early morning sunshine. I love waking up early and coming to my stamping space and making cards while everyone else is asleep. The sun shines in the windows and it is so inspiring. I love it.

  51. inkypaws says:

    Stunning Lindsey!!!

  52. Annelies says:

    I love having a long, relaxed breakfast outside in the weekends.
    Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  53. Karen Q says:

    Very cool card. My favorite thing about summer is the amount of daylight hours we have. I feel like I can accomplish more when it is light outside.

  54. Kathy Hering says:

    Spending time with the family at my parents cabin…sitting by the fire…minus the mosquestoes(spelling?) of course, LOL…

  55. Melissa (smileytexan) says:

    My favorite thing about summer is going swimming with my boys in the pool. Even tho it’s so stinkin hot here in Texas. . .I love summer! Something about the warm sun and the refreshing water can’t be beat!

  56. Deborah M. says:

    Ooooohhhh! I might have to get this set too! My favorite thing about summer is going on family vacations, and not stressing about school and homework for my daughter! Have a great Summer!

  57. Sharon says:

    I think my favorite thing about summer is ….being able to stay up late and sleep in the next morning. My kids are at the age where they are pretty independent and pretty much fend for themselves in the morning. During the school year, we don’t have that luxury – both the kids and I need to get to school! Thanks for the opportunity to win some blog candy!

  58. Beth says:

    Hiya, Gal! What a gorgeous card! I love the way you stamped off the image and the LO with the paper torn on the diagonal is fabulous! My favorite thing about summer- trips to the mountains (so miss living in East Tennessee)- the cool green foliage, tubing down the ice cold river, picnics, hikes- I’m making myself homesick! Thanks for this awesome LAD opportunity!

  59. Pam Clay says:

    I love the long days of summer! The colors of summer- all the flowers, the green grass- I love color! I am also not a cold weather person. I don’t function well in cold weather-brrr! I love the look of your card, very unique! Thanks for offering candy, too!

  60. Sara (hiinaz) says:

    Love your card! My favorite thing about summer is the warm weather and having my children home with me.

  61. Goodness, where do I start, I LOVE summer! First of all, I am a teacher so I get to spend a lot of time at home keeping my house clean (which is VERY important to me) and stamping (which is probably MORE important to me…hehe). That’s probably my favorite part of summer. I also love the fact that I can open my windows (I live in CO where we don’t need the AC) and let the cool mountain air blow in. Anyway, I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you to death! 😀 All I can say is how excited I am for these new Lizzie Anne releases! Lizzie Anne is my favorite stamp company and I can never get enough of their stamps! I LOVE them! Alright, I’m done blabbering! Thanks so much!

  62. Terri E. says:

    my favorite thing is more family time outside.

    i’s a good life!
    terri e

  63. Kim says:

    Going away to the 3 different places we go each summer. Each one is a little different and it’s not home!!!! I love your pp on your card!

  64. My favorite things about summer is all the fun things we do together as a family.

  65. My favorite thing about summer is the constant change in the weather. Yes, it’s hot. Yes, it’s muggy. But I love to watch the thunderstorms forming as the morning starts, and then again, as the afternoon heats up — the clouds getting full and dark with rain. I love the breeze blowing from hot to cool as the storms approach.

  66. Betty-Ann says:

    I love BBQ’d dinners on the patio in the summer!
    Happy Anniversary LAD!!!

  67. Emily says:

    My favorite thing about summer is the longer days, barbecues, cool evenings, watching lightning storms, and the greenery.

    Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Anniversary LAD.

    Emily A

  68. Kisa says:

    Gorgeous card!

    I LOVE taking a nap in the sun….just a quick nap….and with sunscreen of course! I also love the fruit of summer! Blueberries, melons, peaches, fresh corn! Yummy!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  69. MaryBeth says:

    My favorite thing about summer is going to the lake where it is so quiet and peaceful. It’s a great place for family picnics or just watching the sunset!!!! Thanks for an opportunity to win some LAD stamps!

  70. Mandy says:

    My fav thing about summer is going to the beach. We try to make it to the beach every year to soak up the sun and play in the ocean 🙂

  71. Cherie says:

    My favorite thing about summer is seeing everything in full bloom and smelling all of the beautiful flowers. Love the card! Thanks for the chance at some blog candy!

  72. Laura N. says:

    Beaches and Swimming Pools…. ahhh relaxing near the water 🙂

  73. Catherine says:

    family picnics would have to be my fav thing about summer :)! Thanks for this chance at winning this beautiful set :)!


  74. Tammy says:

    I love to lay on the hammock in our screen porch snuggling with my baby Jacob.

    Great Card.

  75. Linda Marie says:

    Gorgeous artwork! My favorite thing about summer is swimming!

  76. stampmonkey says:

    What a beautiful card!! I love that design and all your details.

    I’d have to say that not having to adhere to a daily schedule is my most favorite thing about summer. Love those lazy days where we can do what we want…without paying for it later. lol

  77. Nellie says:

    W e love having guests over for a bbq. We love swimming and going for long walks. Thanks for the chance to win.

  78. Jana says:

    Swimming—-Me and my kids love to swim! We have a nice new pool in our back yard this year and its been a blast!!!
    Great card Linz–Love the summery colors you used.

  79. Cool Candy!
    My favorite thing about summer is the lack of schedules! We stay up late and get up late! 😉

  80. Tracy says:

    My gardens! I love nothing more than getting my hands dirty planting or weeding, smelling what’s blooming, picking a fresh bouquet of pretties, etc.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  81. Annabelle Gonzalez says:

    My favorite thing about summer is going to the beach with my hubby and girls, just to have a day out of the house.

  82. Miesje says:

    My best things about summer are not working (I’m a teacher) and having time to mow the lawn, working outside and later evenings to sit out or stamp in!

  83. Harley says:

    My favorite thing about summer is the swimming!! 🙂

  84. Gina Rallo says:

    The best thing about summer is lazy days with my kids outside by the pool! Thank you for the chance to win!

  85. Kerry from PA says:

    My favorite thing about summer…. flowers, swimming, going to the beach, watching lightning bugs at dusk… ok, that’s more than one but I couldn’t decide which is the best.

  86. Krista P. says:

    Love your card. Thanks for the chance to win.

  87. jeannen2 says:

    You like the evenings … I like the mornings! Before it gets hot, I can leave the screen door in the kitchen open and enjoy the lovely breeze. It’s also the quietest time since I’m always the first one up! Jeanne

  88. Barb S says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring card! It seems silly, but one of my very favorite things about summer are the smells: the fresh air coming through the windows, the sweet smell of a June night, the fragrant flowers. Another wonderful thing is that it stays light so long 🙂

  89. Janet Sisk says:

    My favorite thing about summer is being to go around without a jacket on! Here in MI after those long, cold winters of being all bundled up, I thoroughly enjoy going out without taking half the coat closet with me! LOL Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy!

  90. MelissaS says:

    What a beautiful card! My favorite thing about summer is just the long days of sunlight and watching all the veggies grow in my garden. OK, that was 2 things. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  91. Jo says:


    Going out on the pontoon is one of the best parts of summer! Soooooooo relaxing!

  92. Alyssa says:

    What a beautiful card! My favorite thing about summer is all the gardening I get to do. There’s something *grounding* about digging in the dirt and then enjoying the fruits of your labor! Thanks for the chance! :O)

  93. JenMarie says:

    WOW ~ Gorgeous card!!!
    I like how everything just seems more relaxed.

  94. lisa808 says:

    I love the longer daylight hours in the summer. And, walking along the beach.

  95. Maureen says:

    My favorite thing in the summer: sitting outside and enjoy the weather and my DH and 2 darling daughters!

    BTW I love your card, it’s so elegant! TFS 🙂

  96. Jan K says:

    Mine is the swimming pool. I guess people swim in the winter but our pool is not heated so we only use it in the summer. Besides all of the grandchildren stay at the house and pool in the summer and I love that.

  97. yvette says:

    White wine sangria and dinners outside!!!

  98. Kari C says:

    My favorite thing is the longer days and the sunshine that goes along with it. Ahhhh the sunshine-so good for the soul!!!

  99. Shona says:

    Well, living in chilly ole’ Nebraska, the first thing that comes to my mind is warm weather! LOL! I also love the thunderstorms we have. But my most fave is just seeing my kids enjoy playing outside, swimming, and just having fun after being couped up all winter!

  100. Alisa says:

    My favorite thing about summer is either playing in the pool with my boys or running through the sprinklers with them. Still a kid at heart I guess. Thanks for the chance to win. =)

  101. Terri Moore says:

    Sitting in the backyard reading a book while my daughter swims.

  102. Elaine says:

    I love summer because my hubby is all tan after spending the day out in the sun and looks scrumptious! lol

  103. Jeanne J says:

    relaxing and enjoying family–less stress when out foohte school year.
    Plus, we make an annual trip up north for an annual family reunion, so it’s great to see family and old friends.
    thx for the chance to win

  104. Nancy E says:

    That’s easy…. I love sitting in the sun with cold drink and a good book!

  105. Sheila says:

    Wow, love what you did with that stamp set. Great card. The best thing about summer is the long days. It seems that you can get so much more done. The warm summer nights are great, too, for relaxing outside. Okay, I love all things summer.

  106. Tammy S says:

    I have so many favorite things in the summer! Swimming in a pool or at the beach (I live 15 minutes from Lake Michigan), grilling dinner and eating on the deck, going to the park, boating, fishing, bonfires…

    I could go on forever!

  107. Candy aka cwilliams says:

    Beautiful card Lindsey!! I have to say being in my garden or swimming, maybe even cooking on the grill…..lol!!

  108. Michelle Ip says:

    My favorite thing about summer is relaxing by the lake at my cabin!

  109. Rachel says:

    Your card is lovely.
    My favorite thing about summer: food! BBQ s, watermelon, ice cold lemonade, eating outside, ahhh summer’s great.

  110. melinda says:

    Summer is my favorite season by far. I like not making school lunches and no homework!! Also I like working in my garden and flower beds. etc. Thanks

  111. Gail S. says:

    Summer is the best because the kids are out of school and I can come home from work and work in the garden, go for walks, just relax! Thank you for the chance to win! Gail

  112. Nancy says:

    Since I’ve now moved to the HEAT of NC, I think my favorite thing about summer will be when it is over! LOL. I am enjoying my garden grow during our first year here (from NY), and am so glad we put in an irrigation system and well to water the garden beds and grass. I guess that is my favorite thing after all!

  113. Enjoli says:

    During the summer I {hearts} to eat snow cones!! It’s a perfect treat for the weather.

  114. PH in VA says:

    I’m a SAHM, so I enjoy not being on a schedule during the summer. Bedtimes for the kiddos are more relaxed since they don’t have to wake up and get ready for school in the mornings, and we’re able to sleep in later than during the school year.

  115. Dawn says:

    My favorite thing about Summer is raspberries, cherries, peaches and sitting outside in the evening and enjoying the beauty of nature… in a garden or on a beach.

  116. dawn k says:

    I love putting my toes in the sand and the sun on my face!

  117. Tomie says:

    for me it is the lack of a set schedule. No school to prepair for we can stay up late and sleep in!

  118. SusanH says:

    Very nice card Lindsey!!! One of my favorite things about summer is sitting on the balcony early in the morning in the sunshine eating breakfast and reading the newspaper. Thanks for the chance to win!

  119. Eleanor says:

    My favorite is picking a ripe tomato off the vine and eating it! Great card Lindsey.

  120. betty lou says:

    Since I’m a teacher, sleeping past 5:30 and not having to go to bed early are nice summer treats! Thanks for the chance to win!

  121. Jayne says:

    My favorite part of summer is the relaxed schedule and more daylight in the evenings. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us. I love your blog.

  122. Pamela H-N says:

    My favorite thing about summer is after the sun goes down, and my husband, our English Bulldog Chunk and I sit around the fire pit in our back yard watching the fire and looking up at the stars and trying to name them. So much fun! Thank you!

    ~ Pam

  123. My fav part of summer is playing out side with my boys 🙂

  124. maria says:

    Mine is no schedules!! I love the freedom of summer and being able to put my “chauffer’s hat” on the shelf for a few weeks. 🙂

  125. Michelle Benoit says:

    Summer means sitting on my flower embellished deck!

  126. Kathy says:

    My favorite thing about summer is going to the beach. I love watching my kids have so much fun!!

  127. Rachel Hope says:

    I bet you sit on your front porch for the view 😉

    I like Ice Cream 😀

  128. Would love to win some of her stamps. My favorite thing about summer is the relaxed feeling everyone has due to longer daylight hours and less demands because of so many vacations.


  129. Lori says:

    My favorite thing about summer would be hanging out at the pool with my daughter.

  130. Laurie says:

    My favorite thing about summer is that my backyard is all filled in with green and very private. I have a bird and critter feeder that attracts the masses of critters and birds, but my most favorite thing is the baby animals. Especially the fawns. There are three this year. Two different does and three fawns. They are just beautiful and I love to watch the moms teach the kids. It is fascinating.

  131. mcbetty says:

    Being out of school (I started school at age 3 and have gone to school as a student, a SAHM, a teacher for 55 school years!). So summers are sweet and blissful.
    Long daylight hours too.

  132. lacyquilter says:

    Gorgeous card, Lindsey. I used this set today, too. I know I’m probably weird, but my favorite thing about summer is thunderstorms. I love to sit and watch a good storm.

  133. Kristine says:

    GORGEOUS card! I really love your flower image used here and the background dp is stunning! Hmmm…my favorite thing about summer is getting to spend more quality time with my kids. We’ve gone skating at the park, swimming, horse-back riding, and the best part is having my 14-yr. old neice stay most of the summer with us. We only get to see her about once a year, so it’s a real treat for my girls and I. =)

  134. Kerry says:

    I’m in Oklahoma and normally….I would say there isn’t anything about the summer I like…cause it’s too dang HOT here!!! BUT….so far, it’s been pretty nice out…only in the 90’s. So, this year, I would say I absolutely LOVE watching my grandson play on his gym set in my backyard and watching him slide down the slide into the little pool we put under the end of the slide. He is three and I dearly love the little sweetheart.

  135. Jessica says:

    I love having the extra daylight to get in a run after work, or just sit by the pool with a scrapbook page or card materials to get some stuff done. Love the LAD designs!

  136. Juanita says:

    My fav thing about summer is the clothes. I love to wear sundresses and sandles. The colors are brighter and the fabrics are lighter. My DD and love to pick out our dresses together and get ‘fancy’ for grocery shopping.

  137. Michele F says:

    Hi! My favorite thing about summer is my birthday! I am a warm weather July girl. I love the relaxed feeling of summer, with more daylight and a less hectic schedule(okay, maybe it just feels like it). Thanks for the chance to win.

    Michele F

  138. Liz Memmott says:

    My favorite thing about summer are the popsicles, and the kids being able to play outside and swim
    Thanks for the offer of blog candy
    liz UT

  139. Pat W says:

    Barbeques and concerts at the Hollywood bowl!!

  140. I like ice cream sandwiches on my screned in porch.

  141. Regina says:

    Hi Lindsey!
    I love every season, but here in New England summer is the shortest season, so many things I associate with summer seem that much more precious! Days at the beach, and stopping for ice cream on the way home is a particular treat!

    Happy Anniversary to LAD! Than you for sharing!

  142. rachelM says:

    Sleeping late with the kids and painting our toenails with bright colors and wearing sandal and flops to show them off.

  143. Christina says:

    I like a lot of things about summer…swimming, sunshine, family outings, longer days, wearing sandals (like Kim said)…I don’t think I can pick a favorite!

  144. Hi Lindsey!! Oh, my favorite thing(s) are friends, deck, bbq and sangria! LOL.

  145. Allison says:

    My favorite is just sitting outside with friends and/or family and enjoying the sunshine!

  146. Shannon Roberts says:

    Well seeing it is so outrageously hot here in AZ. I would have to say swimming over at My dad’s with the kiddo’s & having Hot Dogs & Watermelon!!

  147. wendyp says:

    My favorite thing about summer is that everything slows down. Theres no rushing out the door in the mornings to school. No hurrying to get homework and dinner done before running out to sports practice. Even bedtime gets relaxed as the kids stay up a bit later.

  148. melanie pl says:

    Wow. What a gorgeous card you made! My favorite thing about summer is being together more, with the grandkids out of school and more fun and relaxing things happening than during the frantic school year.

  149. Holly says:

    I am not a summer person at all, so my favorite thing about summer is that there is less traffic in the mornings going to work because school is out. That’s about the only thing I like about summer. I like a lot of things about Lizzie Anne Designs though!

  150. Karen from Ontario says:

    My favourite thing about summer is watching all the things growing in the garden (excluding the weeds!) Don’t seem to be rushing around as much either.

  151. Lynda Benden says:

    Wow, your card is just beautiful Linz! I love the colors and your sewing is just fantastic! My favorite thing about summer is that I get to spend every minute of EVERY day with my children! It is such a lovely time to bond and since they NEVER fight and are SUCH perfect children, it just makes those 3 months even MORE enjoyable!!!! LOL!!!

  152. Kandi says:

    My favorite about summer are all the fresh fruit and vegetables.
    Nothing like going out and picking what you need from the garden.

    Love your card!!!


  153. Pamm says:

    My fav thing about summer is EVERYTHING!!!! Eating fresh veggies from the garden, riding my horse in the early morning with dew on the grass and the birds singing, swimming in the creek with my dogs, eating watermelon on the deck, sitting on the deck in the dark watching the fireflies play, fireworks on the 4th, fresh corn on the cob, (have you noticed that a lot of these favs are food related?)

  154. Jackie says:

    Thunderstorms, I love the rain, wind and thunder. I am a native Floridian, born in August, so it’s only right that I should enjoy the storms, I think!

  155. Joyce B says:

    My summer fav is driving the county roads at night watching all the lightning bugs flickering over the fields.
    Thanks for this neat blog candy opportunity.

  156. Diane Cooper says:

    ooooh pretty card! My fave is sitting out on our back deck for breakfast and dinner, and toying around in my garden… We had a brand new gorgeous covered deck built last summer, and it collapsed under the weight of all the snow we got this winter. The contractor returned this spring and fixed it- phew! So I am happy again!
    Thanks for the option to win some blog candy!

  157. Susan C says:

    My favorite part of summer, are the long days. I love that it doesn’t get dark until 8’ish.

  158. Very pretty card. My fav time of the summer
    is the evenings.After working all day , its so very relaxing
    to spend it with Dh outside, just setting and enjoying
    the warmth and chatting about our days.

  159. Tricia says:

    I love summer mornings – before it’s too hot – the chickadees are calling and I have a moment of stillness.

  160. Lisa Moore says:

    My favorite things about summer by far watching my flowers grow and my birds? I think I have 6 or 7 bird feeders in my yard.. 🙂

  161. Peggy Maier says:

    I love the beautiful flowers of summer! After winter with it’s dreary browns & greys, it’s wonderful to see all the gorgeous colors!

  162. Suzy says:

    My favorite thing about summer is ice cream on a warm sunny day!

  163. Kacey says:

    Beautiful card Lindsey! I love that October Afternoon paper! My favorite thing about summer is getting out early in the morning and going for a walk, listening to the silence (did I mention I like to do it before my kids get up!).

  164. Sara says:

    My favorite things about summer is the warmth of the sun and being able to spend time by the water. Also love all of the beautiful flowers.

    You have an adorable card.

  165. Carin says:

    My favorite thing about summer is that it stays light so late which makes for more time on our patio.
    PS: love your work!

  166. Jody M says:

    My favorite thing about summer is being on the water. I love the days when we can take the boat out and enjoy the hot sun on our backs as we troll for fish or speed upon the lake. I love to sit in the boat as it gently rocks back and forth with the waves. I love seeing the different colors in the water made from the sparkling sun or as the tide goes in and out.

  167. Debi says:

    Let’s see… my favorite thing about summer is getting together for family cook-outs AND fishing!! Snuck another in there! lol

    Debi aka: SassiAngel

  168. Sandy Hill says:

    My favorite things about summer are vacations, camping, professional baseball and barbequeing every night.

  169. Kamie says:

    Best thing about summer–summer vacations. Seeing family, not getting any one up early for school, just hanging out with my kids!

  170. Meda says:

    Wow! This card is so elegant. I love the way you used only 3 colors and the elegant background and lace. Also the image is very beautiful.

    My fave thing about sumer is that I can wear light clothing, sandals and fesh perfumes.

  171. Molly B says:

    I love being able to wear flip-flops. I hate shoes and boots, so in the summer I am bearfoot or flip-flops all the way. -Molly B

  172. Beth says:

    I love late evening walks with my corgis.

  173. Ida says:

    Where I live it’s all the wonderful fresh fruits and veggies available to eat. Oh so yummy strawberries and delightful sweet onions are some of my summer favorites! – Ida

  174. Debbie Fisher says:

    love the colors you used on your card.
    My favorite thing about summer is all the fresh fruit and veggies!

  175. Leeann says:

    I love the laid back, no schedule, just hanging out time!


  176. Kathyc says:

    That is one gorgeous card! I love the stamp and that layout! One of my favorite things about summer is having dinner on the deck after work with my husband; so peaceful and the weather is usually perfect! Love it! Thanks for the chance to play!
    Kathy Camasso

  177. Sarah C. (WAstamper on SCS) says:

    My favorite thing about summer is SLEEPING in.:)

  178. My favorite thing about summer is when I get to sit on the swing in my yard and read, or watch the birds at my feeders. Thank you for the chance to win!

  179. Cathy Green says:

    I love the fruits that are so plentiful in the summer. Since eating and stamping are my 2 favorite things, mix a little fresh fruit with my stamping and I think I’m in heaven!

  180. Janean C. says:

    Oh what I love about summer is just spending stressfree time with the kids.. Yummy homemade icecream…

  181. C Burke says:

    I love all of the Farmers’ Markets!

    C. Burke

  182. Renee Rahlf says:

    My favorite part of summer is NO HOMEWORK! (& gardening!). Renee

  183. Kim says:

    I know I am too late for the contest, but I have to tell you, your card is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  184. Terry E says:

    I really love this card; the lettering is so classy and finishes it off!!! Oh, my favorite thing to do in the summer is to have a bag of freshly popped popcorn when my wife is out.

  185. trudee says:

    That is a stunning card, Linz!! I love the way you stamped it several times, and I LOVE the paper/color combo!!

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